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Agent Portal


MISSION STATUS: LIVE | FOR YOUR EYES ONLY                                                          DATE: 21st May

Incoming Communication: 

From: MI5 Mission Control

The individual known as Mr Robinson, previously only known to us as MR-X, is now a key target in our ongoing operations. 

We believe the target is part of a wider operation to hack our systems and intelligence for hostile purposes. We believe the target has a number of associates, and may be part of a much wider organisation. 

We need you to track this individual and discover intelligence about them, their group, and their plot. 

We are using the standard MI5 encoded password system, whereby you will communicate with us by entering passwords via our fake 'Guest Area' pages via the MI5 Portal. This is to ensure security and encrypted communication. 

We currently have a ground agent tracking the target, last sighted in the city of Durham, England. 

We have once again been taunted by MR-X. We have just received the following message from him..

"Standing at my departure point, between J/K & L, staring at the beautiful cathedral, I see a number repeated three times, assisting with vocal contact. Well.. This IS Durham... Locate this number.. and you'll be on track". 

This of course may be a decoy, but we MUST work it out before we can eliminate it.

We need you to TRACK the subject, discover his route of Escape and find the number! 

We have the CCTV streams from the city on screen for you. Proceed to the feeds below. 

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