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Corporate Bookings - Real Life Escape Games

Escape Rooms are the perfect choice for a new, exciting and different approach to team building. 

If you are looking for information on our online web based corporate games, click here.

During our games the players will display and utilise:

  • Outstanding communication skills

  • Team delegation and organisation

  •  The ability to listen and work together to reach their goal.

Clients have often reported seeing results in our games that have assisted them in the office environment. Playing one of our games will:

  • Bring your team closer together in a fun and exciting way

  • Give all in the team a sense of responsibility 

  • Give everyone in the team a sense of each others skills and talents. 

 It is a great way to renew energy in corporate team, or even just an excuse to get out the office and have some fun! 

We also offer "management monitoring" where team leaders can watch the progress of the game from our control room!

Whats more, our corporate prices match our retail price! So nobody has to miss out on the experience of our Escape Games!

For more information drop us an E-mail at

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