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Our online games are perfect for corporate and education use.


Bring your team together for a couple of hours of fun sleuthing! 

Our Treasure Hunt Games (Mr-X, Agent A, Santas Christmas Rush) are perfect for quick socials, lasting around 90 minutes. 

The Hunters is perfect for use as a full corporate team building activity, lasting between 2-3 hours. 

Split your organisation into teams to play these exciting games using Zoom, or any other online meeting / communication tool. 

Licences can be purchased for numerous sessions, across single or multiple days / events.

Advantages of our corporate liscence: 

  • Organisation is given private link so all members of the team can log on on their own device. 

  • No log in required. Staff members and students do not have to share data or personal information with us. 

  • Cheaper rates for large numbers of players, or long term access. 

  • Extra technical support including phone assistance

Give us a call or drop us an E-mail to arrange a team building licence and to receive a quote for your event or organisation 

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