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Durham City, UK - Live Feeds

Please pay close attention to mission report below camera feeds. We have been alerted that some Camera feed are currently inactive. Agents should use other resources to track the subject. You do not have to be able to see the camera images to track the subjects location. 

Cam 1 - A690 / Sutton Street East bound- Click here to view feed

Cam 3 - A690 West Bound

- Click here to view feed

Cam 2 - New Elvet facing South Bound

Click here to view feed

Cam 4 - Leazes Road West Bound

- Click here to view feed

Cam Map.png

Our ground agent has lost the target.

Target was initially spotted at coordinates 54°46'31.7"N 1°34'19.6"W

Ground Agent tracked target across Elvet Bridge and into Market Place

Target was spotted shortly afterwards walking towards Camera 3 on the right hand side of the frame. 

Target was then spotted at far distance on Camera 1, crossing the road from right to left. 

What mode of transport is the target likely to have used to leave the city? 

What number is the target referring to in the text message?

Enter the information in the following manner: If the transport was a hovercraft, and the number 379, you would enter the password hovercraft379

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