The Hunters is our brand new online game. 

Become an MI5 secret agent & track down a dangerous fugitive! Obtain secret documents, listen in on conversations, monitor CCTV and use the internet to uncover a plot to hack into the MI5 computer systems! 

MR-X has been located, but our ground agents have lost sight. Track his movements, find his associates, uncover the plot, save the country! 

The game is suitable for group of up to 4 people to play at any time. No booking required, log in and play anytime. Join in with friends and family combining brain power over Zoom or in person. 

Entirely web based, no software is required. 

Difficulty Level 4/5:

This game is designed to be a challenge for a group of adults. 

Where 'MR-X' is a cryptic clue puzzle, The Hunters uses a broader range of skills and more advanced applied thinking. The game is tougher than MR-X, but just as satisfying. 

'The Hunters' is the direct sequel to our free game MR-X. Although you do not have to have played MR-X to enjoy 'The Hunters', 'The Hunters' does include spoilers that will render MR-X unplayable. If you wish to play both games, play MR-X first!