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"Agent, our HQ is shut down, and we are all having to work from home!

Despite this, we are still being taunted by Mr X.

We need to track this dangerous individual, firstly we need to find out his Surname.

Can you take on the job? 

He is taunting us with cryptic clues. We think solving these will lead to his name. We'll be here to help along the way! 

Difficulty Level 3/5:

MR-X is designed to be a challenge for adults, but it suitable for those aged 12 and up. 

For people playing at home as part of a group of family or friends, a donation is requested but it not compulsory. 

Commercial and education customers may play, however a charge is complusary. 

Want more information about corporate and education games? Click here

  • Use the internet to solve the clues; You should use sites such as google, twitter, Youtube, Google Maps, street view and local websites to help your search for information.

  • Time yourself to see how fast you are; Set a stopwatch to time your effort. 

  • Type all passwords with lower case letters, and miss out any spaces.

  • Click on the "Hint" button if you are struggling to receive a hint from HQ

  • Solve all 6 clues to discover the surname of Mr X and complete the mission. 

  • TIP - Keep the treasure hunt tab open, and use other windows to search.

  • TIP - Play with friends at the same time on facetime or a Zoom meeting.

  • The hunt should take anywhere between 45 minutes and 2 hours to complete. Write down the answers you find to be able to go away and come back to the game. You will have to restart from the beginning if you exit the game. 

or call reception on 0191 303 6393 

If you enjoy the game, please consider donating to the ERD online game donation fund to assist during COVID-19. Click here for more details.

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