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'Be A Game Host' Experience!

Behind every great Escape Game, is a game host! They are those amazing people who give you your introduction and escort you into the game. But what happens once you're in the game. The job of our game host is to keep your game moving. They watch on cameras and listen with microphones and deliver those crucial clues at just the right moment. 

Escape Rooms Durham is now giving YOU the chance to become a game host. In our game host experience you will;

  • Shadow one of our hosts for the day, learning the ropes of becoming a game host

  • Give teams their introduction to the games alongside our regular hosts

  • Be in the hot seat - watching our games and sending clues to players enjoying their game, to assist in their Escape. 

The experience lasts between 3-6 hours, depending on the number of games booked in and the availability of staff and participants. 

Dates & Times that we can run this event are limited, therefore if you wish to partake on a particular day, we ask that you enquire with us BEFORE purchasing your voucher. To book your experience, please E-mail us. We will then find a date and time suitable. 

To purchase your experience please click on "Gift Vouchers", followed by "City Centre", then select "Be A Game Host Experience". This is experience is only available at our City Centre Location. 

If you have any more information please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by E-mail

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