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MISSION STATUS: LIVE | FOR YOUR EYES ONLY                                                                     DATE: 21st May

Incoming Communication: 

From: MI5 Mission Control

We believe there are four stations where it would have been possible for our target to leave the train undetected. Darlington, Nothallerton, York and Leeds. 

We are hoping that our target has another unregistered device on his person and switched on.


We have downloaded all of the active cell site data from these areas at certain times. Using Cell Site Triangulation we are hoping to identify any devices our target is using. 

What is Cell site triangulation? 









The Durham data sheet shows all telecommunication devices active within the area five minutes before the train left Durham station.

The Darlington, Leeds, Northallerton and York data are complied in one sheet called "All Other Departure Points". This sheets shows all the devices that were within the area of the local train stations 10 minutes AFTER the train had DEPARTED the station. This means that only phones that have left the train and are already in the city will be included, not those onboard. The stations included at Darlington, Leeds, Northallerton and York.


Look for any numbers that may belong to our target, to discover the device he is using. We know he uses 'unregistered' devices. 

We also need to determine the station he left the train at. 

Our team have already run a number of tests on suspicious devices. Using signal data, we believe that the target's device is most likely; 


  1. In a location that has at least five churches within the Cell Site triangulation Zone

  2. In a town / city that has a general population of at least 100-150K

  3. Where the main rail station was built in the 19th Century

How To View Data Sheets

  • Sheets can be downloaded and viewed by any CSV viewer such as Excel, Numbers on OS or Libre Calc by clicking on the attachment button.

  • You can also view the link on "Google Sheets" 

  • Durham 

Click here to view on "Google Sheets" ​

  • All other Departure Points 


Click here to view on "Google Sheets" ​

These are the cell data triangulation zones in each of the departure locations - See google maps for detail. 


Which station should we focus our search on, and which number should we bug?  We only have resources for one number. 

Enter the data in the following manner in the password box: If the location was "London" and the phone number was "12345678910" then you would need to enter the password 'london12345678910' - Remember no spaces or capitals. 

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