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Agent A is our brand new online treasure hunt. Play anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day. 

This game is the same format as MR-X , our extremely popular first online treasure hunt. 

Using Google and the wider web, you will have to solve 6 cryptic clues to complete the game. 

Agent A costs £5 to play for one log in. Each log in lasts 14 days. 

If you wish to use "Agent A" for corporate use then please visit our Online Corporate Page


Agent A has gone missing! 


They were on the surveillance team for our last mission, tracking down Mr-X. They have not been seen since. 

We have reason to believe that Agent A is a double agent and now conspiring against our organisation. 

We have received encrypted and coded intel from our international intelligence.  We need you to decipher each message and supply our ground team with the vital intel they need to track down Agent A.

Can you take on the job?


Remember all passwords contain no spaces or capital letters

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