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Santa's Christmas Rush

Escape Rooms Durham

It is the night before Christmas and Santa has just arrived back home to the North Pole from delivering this year’s presents.


Before he hangs up his hat for the night he checks the back of the sleigh for the last time, and his face turns as pale as snow. There is one last bag of presents sitting on the seat that has yet to be delivered!


You must help Santa deliver all the presents before the sun rises! 

Using google and other internet sites, you must solve the riddles and puzzles to find the location and discover the content of all of the presents left to deliver. 


Using the same format as our popular "Mr-X" treasure hunts, Santa's Christmas Rush is a great festive game for the whole family. 


The clues are tough, and will require team work. Use zoom to communicate with family and friends and play along together. 


Puzzles also contain slightly easier sections for those younger players!

Average completion time: 90 minutes


Contact us to purchase a corporate licence for your workplace or education facility. 


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