NAUGHTY OR NICE - THE CHRISTMAS HEIST - 16th November to 9th January 

Location: City Centre


Following last years break-in to Santa's Grotto, Santa has developed additional security to prevent presents from going to the wrong people! The presents are secured in secret hiding places, the codes to these hiding places are protected by Santa's cryptic puzzles. Fortunately, some sneaky elves have allowed you one hour to solve the puzzles and reward yourself with whatever gifts you can find. Solve the clues and collect as many presents as you can before Santa gets back, if he catches you, you'll be on the naughty list forever! 

This special limited edition game is open over Christmas 2021/2022 only. This is a new game that is played on the same set as the 2019/2020 festive game "Naughty Or Nice".  This game is suitable for the whole family, ages 8+.


*This game takes place on the set of our permanent game "Mr Borrowdales Study"

* This game is an update to last years Christmas game 'Naughty Or Nice'. The set is the same and some props are similar. The puzzles and answers are new. 


2 Players: £50 (£25 each)

3 Players: £66 (£22 each)

4 Players: £68 (£17 each)

 5 Players: £70 (£14 each)

6 Players: £78 (£13 each)