NAUGHTY OR NICE - Open December 6th - January 19th

Location: City Centre

Christmas is here at last! The feast is being prepared, the elves are busy at work and Santa is preparing to deliver gifts to every boy and girl over the world. However, some terrible news has arrived, you and your friends are on THE NAUGHTY LIST!


You must travel to the north pole, get into Santa's office, find the Nice list, and add your names! You have 60 minutes before Santa returns. 

This special limited edition game is open over Christmas 2019/2020 only. This game is suitable for the whole family, ages 8+.

Max Players: 6


2 Players: £50 

3-6 Players: £65

All of our games our designed to be enjoyed by adults and teenagers. For detailed information on how age appropriate our games are, visit our FAQ page.  


*This game takes place on the set of our permanent game "Mr Borrowdales Study"

* This game originally ran as "The Christmas Game" at Lakes Escapes, Workington, Cumbria during Christmas 2017-2018, and 2018-2019, although it has been significantly updated for the Durham residency. 

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