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The Magic Of Christmas  - 18th November to 7th January 

Location: City Centre

Cover of The Magic of Christmas WIX (940 x 726 mm) (1456 x 940 mm) (Facebook Cover).png

It is said, the source of Christmas spirit lies in the oldest and most magical Christmas tree in all of Durham, however, County Durham's festive joy is at an all time low! Can you help revive the magic of Christmas, and restore Durhams festive spirit by solving the mysteries surrounding the most famous Christmas tree of all?

This special limited edition game is open over Christmas 2023/2024 only. This is a new game that is played on the same set as the 2021/2022 festive game "Naughty Or Nice".  This game is suitable for the whole family, ages 8+.


*This game takes place on the set of our permanent game "Mr Borrowdales Study"

* This game is an update to last years Christmas game 'Naughty Or Nice'. The set is the simailar but the game is a fully new style and game.  


2 Players: £56 (£28 each)

3 Players: £72 (£24 each)

4 Players: £78 (£19.50 each)

5 Players: £87.50 (£17.50 each)

6 Players: £90 (£15 each)

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