Mr Borrowdale's Study - 

You wake up in a strange dimly lit study belonging to Mr Borrowdale, Durham's most feared resident. You are the latest victim of his sinister challenge. Can you work together as a team to solve his series of puzzles and riddles to Escape unharmed before his return? 

Mr Borrowdales Study is a fun game with a sinister tone. It does not feature any scare or jump moments. The darker themes can be toned down for teams with younger players. Many families with children have enjoyed playing The Study. The Study is predominantly a mental challenge game.

Max Players: 6

PRICES (Mon-Fri)           PRICES (Saturday & Sunday)

2 Players: £50                    2 Players: £50 (£25 each)

3 to 6 Player: £66              3 Players: £66 (£22 each)

                                           4 Players: £68 (£17 each)

                                           5 Players: £70 (£14 each)

                                           6 Players: £78 (£13 each)