Location: Durham City Centre

Agents; Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate Durham Bio Laboratories and steal as many 'data discs' as you can. Unfortunately you have triggered the security system which is slowly filling the laboratory with toxic fumes. Can you Escape with the data and the life of your team?

Lab Heist is our latest addition to Escape Rooms Durham. It is an intense game which will get every member of the family's blood pumping.

Lab Heist features a "hunt" element which is great at keeping those younger players occupied while being a tough challenge for the older players! 

Max Players: 6

*Lab Heist features Laser & Smoke effects. Please inform staff if you suffer from Asthma, photo sensitive epilepsy or breathing difficulties. 

PRICES (Mon-Fri)           PRICES (Saturday & Sunday)

2 Players: £50                    2 Players: £50 (£25 each)

3 to 6 Player: £66              3 Players: £66 (£22 each)

                                           4 Players: £68 (£17 each)

                                           5 Players: £70 (£14 each)

                                           6 Players: £78 (£13 each)


All of our games our designed to be enjoyed by adults and teenagers.
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